Georgia Wells

Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooting Puts Spotlight on Fringe Platforms and Their Partners

As mainstream social-media companies such as Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit try to push racist commentary and hate speech off their platforms, those conversations are finding homes in other corners of the web.

SEC Probes Why Facebook Didn’t Warn Sooner on Privacy Lapse

Apparently, the Securities and Exchange Commission is investigating whether Facebook adequately warned investors that developers and other third parties may have obtained users’ data without their permission or in violation of Facebook’s policies.

Release of Thousands of Russia-Linked Facebook Ads Shows How Propaganda Sharpened

Democrats on the House Intelligence Committee made public for the first time the full cache of more than 3,000 ads that Facebook said were purchased by a pro-Kremlin group, the Internet Research Agency.

Facebook Limiting Information Shared With Data Brokers

Facebook is curbing the information that it exchanges with companies that collect and sell consumer data for advertisers. The measures affect a group of so-called data brokers such as Acxiom Corp.

For Tech Giants, Halting Russian Meddling in U.S. Politics Won’t Be Easy

The US indictment handed up against three Russian companies and 13 individuals shows starkly how ill-prepared the tech giants were for the type of aggressive influence campaign the Russians allegedly mounted.

Tech Giants Disclose Russian Activity on Eve of Congressional Appearance

Facebook, Google and Twitter are set to divulge new details showing that the scope of Russian-backed manipulation on their platforms before and after the US presidential election was far greater than previously disclosed, reaching an estimated 126