George Ford

Statistical Negligence in Title II Impact Analysis

Recently a new study seeking to rebut the Federal Communications Commission’s conclusion on investment was made public. The author of the study is Christopher Hooton, Chief Economist of the Internet Association (a proponent of Title II regulation)

Net Neutrality and Investment in the US: A Review of Evidence from the 2018 Restoring Internet Freedom Order

In 2018, the Federal Communications Commission’s Restoring Internet Freedom Order reversed its 2015 decision to apply common carrier regulation to broadband Internet access services under Title II of the Communications Act of 1934.

Quantifying the Overstatement in Broadband Availability from the Form 477 Data: An Econometric Approach

Broadband availability data is collected from broadband providers at the census block level, which is the smallest geographic unit used by the Census Bureau for data tabulation. In collecting and reporting these data, it is assumed that if a singl

Infrastructure Investment After Title II

USTelecom recently released an update to its US broadband industry capital spending series.

Comcast’s Capital Spending After Reclassification: A Check on Claims

Free Press Policy Director Matt Wood told Congress that “Comcast’s total capital spending for the two years following the 2015 [net neutrality] vote increased by 26 percent." In contrast to claims, Comcast’s investment data provide, if anything, e

Is Faster Better? Quantifying the Relationship Between Broadband Speed and Economic Growth

In this bulletin, I aim to quantify the relationship between higher broadband speeds (10 Mbps versus 25 Mbps) and the growth rates in important economic outcomes in U.S.

Your City Wants To Be In The Broadband Business: We Asked Three Economists For Their Advice

[Commentary] This version of the Bytes Chat discusses the wisdom of restrictions against municipal broadband with three economists who are following the issue closely.

A Retrospective Analysis of Vertical Mergers in Multichannel Video Programming Distribution Markets

Using data on the prices paid by multichannel video programing distributors (“MVPDs”) for basic cable networks, Ford conducts a retrospective analysis of the price effects of the Comcast-NBCU merger.

Reclassification and Investment: An Analysis of Free Press’ “It’s Working” Report

Free Press recently released a report on the capital expenditures of broadband service providers entitled, It’s Working: How the Internet Access and Online Video Markets are Thriving in the Title II Era. The Free Press Report, authored by S.

Net Neutrality, Reclassification and Investment: A Further Analysis

Central to the debate over the Federal Communications Commission's reclassification of broadband as a "common carrier" telecommunications service under Title II of the Communications Act of 1934 is the effect on broadband network investment.