Gary Arlen

FirstNet Needs Integrated Technical Collaboration, CEO Says

Establishing an integrated first-responder communications system is all about the details, not just the big picture overview and goals.  That reality became obvious as Michael Poth, CEO of The First Responder Network Authority (FirstNet), explaine

Telecom Policymaking a Piecemeal Effort, House Commerce Chairman Walden Predicts

Congressional action to update the Telecommunications Act will be incremental, according to House Commerce Committee Chairman Greg Walden (R-OR). "We're looking at it piece by piece," Walden said at the 2018 State of the Net conference on Jan 29.

FCC Members Restate Net-Neutrality Stances at CES

Five federal policymakers offered their familiar visions of core regulatory issues, including spectrum policy and network neutrality, during Consumer Electronics Show sessions.  With Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai absent becau

Rural Broadband, Restoring FCC to 5 Members Top Walden's Agenda

House Commerce Committee Chairman Greg Walden (R-OR) outlined a broad agenda for the committee and its Communications Subcommittee Feb 14, with items ranging from legislative action on Title II to a comprehensive examination of Federal Communicati

FCC's Broadband Health Project Readying Report

"Disconnectivity" -- and specifically its locations -- has emerged as a major hurdle as the "Connect2HealthFCC" project prepares to submit its report within coming weeks.

Transforming Communities: Broadband Goals for 2017 and Beyond

As if there were any doubt, Google and its policy allies will continue to push their vision for Smart Cities with a focus on education and health applications during the coming years.

FCC Issues 'What You Owe' Fees for 6 Categories

The Federal Communications Commission has released details of its annual "What You Owe" message to licensees in six categories of regulated services.

American Cable Association Skewers Connect America Fund Proposals for Lacking Data, Avoiding Statutory Requirements

The first round of comments in the Federal Communications Commission's Connect America Fund (CAF) rulemaking have "strayed from the statute's 'reasonable comparability' requirement," according to the American Cable Association's reply comments on

Accelerated Lobbying: Bipartisan House Appeal to Reject Title II

Two new reports demonstrate the accelerating scale of Washington lobbying in connection with the Comcast/Time Warner Cable merger and with the Federal Communications Commission's network neutrality proceeding.