FCC Commissioner Nathan Simington

FCC Commissioner Simington Comments On Acquisition Of Twitter

Federal Communications Commissioner Nathan Simington released a statement regarding Elon Musk's acquisition of Twitter. "Some have recently called on the FCC to stop Elon Musk from acquiring Twitter," he said. "But nothing in the United States Code or our regulations gives us the right to interfere with this transaction. Our competition review authority does not and has never extended to internet platforms like Twitter. But even if this deal were within our purview, it would be inappropriate and contrary to the public interest to block it. Mr.

FCC Commissioner Nathan Simington's Statement Regarding the Affordable Connectivity Program Rules

For the most part, I am very satisfied with the resulting order, which incorporated extensive feedback from all commissioners’ offices, industry, and other groups outside of the FCC.

FCC Commissioners React to Chairwoman Rosenworcel's Confirmation

"It is a tremendous honor to be confirmed and designated as the first permanent Chairwoman of the Federal Communications Commission," said Jessica Rosenworcel. "I would like to thank President Biden for the opportunity.  People across the country count on the FCC to support the connections they need for work, learning, healthcare, and access to the information we require to make decisions about our lives, our communities, and our country.

Commissioner Simington Announces Staff Changes

Marco Peraza will join the Office of Federal Communications Commissioner Simington as Wireline Advisor, replacing Carolyn Roddy, who is departing to join the FCC's International Bureau. Erin Boone, Commissioner Simington’s Wireless Advisor, will take over the role of Chief of Staff in addition to her other duties. These changes will go into effect on Tuesday, October 11.

I am proud to vote to approve this item

With today’s vote, the Federal Communications Commission Commission acts swiftly to implement a program that will help those most affected by the pandemic to stay connected to the those who mean the most to them. Yet while the Commission has acted quickly, today’s order creates thoughtful, fair, and sensible policies. I could not be prouder of, or more humbled by, the diligent work of the employees across the agency, particularly those in the Wireline Competition Bureau. I am further thankful to my dedicated staff for their contributions leading up to this vote.

FCC Commissioner Simington Maiden Speech to the Free State Foundation

While the present day may not be perfect, I don’t think anyone disputes that we have fulfilled the promise of the deregulatory era. Prior to the Telecom Act, it was far from a foregone conclusion that we would graduate to a more efficient, competitive system. A change in national direction could have sent us back to the incumbent-driven system of midcentury. Instead, we came together, chose the free market and a light regulatory touch, and a quarter century of transformative innovation speaks to the wisdom of this choice.

FCC Commissioner Simington Appoints Advisors and Other Aides

Federal Communications Commission Commissioner Nathan Simington has appointed Carolyn Roddy to serve as his wireline advisor and chief of staff, Erin Boone to serve as his wireless advisor, Adam Cassady to serve as his media advisor, Michael Sweeney to serve as his confidential assistant, and Carlos Minnix to serve as staff assistant.