FCC Commissioner Michael O'Rielly

Commissioner O'Rielly Remarks before the Media Institute Luncheon

Defending the First Amendment: I think you will find the current Commission to be a great partner in the effort to ensure a free press, primarily by not intervening in the area.

Remarks of Commissioner O'Rielly Before the American Legislative Exchange Council's Spring Task Force Summit

The members of the American Legislative Exchange Council can serve an important role as the new Federal Communications Commission seeks to restore free market principles to broadband offerings.

Comm O'Rielly Remarks at ACA International's Washington Insights Conference

Thank you for inviting me to join you today to discuss the Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991, or TCPA. The D.C.

Commissioner O'Rielly Statement on Resignation of USAC CEO

The departure of its CEO presents an opportunity for the Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC) to clean up its act.

Commissioner O'Rielly Statement on DC Circuit Decision

I disagreed with the Court’s 2016 split decision, and also disagree with the split decision not to reconsider the matter en banc.

FCC Commissioner O'Rielly on the Future of Internet Regulation

Today, my colleague and I announce the beginning of a process to free the Internet from the terrible restraints of common carrier regulation now imposed on America’s broadband providers.

Remarks of FCC Commissioner Michael O'Rielly 2017 NAB Show Panel "FCC: You're Fired?"

Federal Communications Commission Chairman Pai brings with him a love of broadcasting, a love of small businesses, a love of Kansas, and so much more.

O'Rielly Remarks at Broadband Deployment Advisory Cmte. Meeting

I hope this committee will take a holistic approach when reviewing possible technology solutions. The Commission has tried to maintain a principle near and dear to me of technology neutrality.

International Efforts to Regulate the Internet Continue

Over the last several years, we’ve been lectured by many that the US position on Internet governance was no longer sustainable in the larger, global community.

Statement Of Commissioner Michael O'Rielly On President Signing CRA Regarding Misguided FCC Privacy Rules

I applaud President Trump and Congress for utilizing the Congressional Review Act to undo the Federal Communications Commission’s detrimental privacy rules.