FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai

Pai Statement on FCC's Midnight Regulation of Free Data

It is disappointing that the Federal Communications Commission’s current leadership has yet again chosen to spend its last days in office the same way it spent the last few years—cutting corners on process, keeping fellow Commissioners in the dark

Pai and O'Rielly Statement on Protecting Noncommercial Educational Broadcasters from Needless Regulation

We strongly object to the Media Bureau’s decision to resolve the petitions for reconsideration of the Commission’s decision in 2016 to impose unnecessary reporting requirements on noncommercial educational (NCE) television stations.

Statement of Commissioners Pai and O'Rielly on Protecting Small Businesses

Dec 15, the small business exemption from the Title II Net Neutrality Order’s expanded reporting requirements expired. We worked hard to reach a consensus with our Democratic colleagues that would have prevented the exemption from lapsing.

Remarks of FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai Before the Free State Foundation's Tenth Anniversary Gala Luncheon

On issue after issue at the Federal Communications Commission, the Free State Foundation has spoken out forcefully and eloquently on behalf of limited government, the rule of law, and rigorous economic analysis.

Commissioner Pai on FCC's zero-rating investigation

Two weeks ago, Congress called on the Federal Communications Commission to respect the tradition followed by Democrats and Republicans alike eight years ago during the last Presidential transition.

FCC Commissioner Pai On the Prospective Nomination of Senator Sessions for Attorney General of the United States

I want to congratulate Senator Jeff Sessions on his prospective nomination by President-Elect Trump to serve as Attorney General of the United States.

Statement of Commissioner Pai on DC Appeals Court Rebuking FCC Overreach

In 2015, the Federal Communications Commission adopted the VoIP Symmetry Order on a partyline vote.

Remarks of Commissioner Pai on Receiving Freedom of Speech Award at the Media Institute's 2016 Awards Banquet

We’ve had success in calling attention to government initiatives that threatened our constitutional freedoms. The most salient example was the Federal Communications Commission’s ill-advised “Critical Information Needs” study.

Remarks of Commissioner Pai on Need for a Digital Empowerment Agenda

High-speed Internet access, or broadband, has enabled the democratization of entrepreneurship.

FCC Commissioner Tells Kansas Association of Broadcasters that Retaining Newspaper-Broadcast Cross-Ownership rule is a ‘Profound Mistake’

Speaking to the Kansas Association of Broadcasters, Federal Communications Commission member Ajit Pai said, “I can’t help but mention the FCC’s decision this year to retain the newspaper-broadcast cross-ownership rule.