Ezra Klein

Facebook, Donald Trump, and the myth of open platforms

The aftermath of the 2016 election has been dominated by two questions. How did Donald Trump win? And did the Democratic Party tilt too much toward Hillary Clinton, choking Bernie Sanders’s candidacy and condemning America to a Trump presidency?

Donald Trump, Fox News, and the logic of alternative facts

[Commentary] We like to imagine American politics as a kind of scored debate, with political actors acting as the debaters, the media acting as the judge, and the public acting as the audience.

The media vs. Donald Trump: why the press feels so free to criticize the Republican nominee

[Commentary] There is a case to be made that the media created Donald Trump. It was, reportedly, his anger at being dismissed by political pundits that led him to run for president in the first place.

Why the government should provide Internet access

A Q&A with Susan Crawford, Former Special Assistant to President Obama on Science, Technology, and Innovation Policy.