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State of the States 2019: Getting America Connected

Government Technology editorial staff reviewed each State of the State adress across the country and rated it from 1 to 5 based on the strength of its technology initiatives.

Dozens of journalists were murdered in 2018. This is a crisis of press freedom.

In a year-end report, the Committee to Protect Journalists counted 53 journalists killed between Jan 1 and Dec 14, including 34 targeted in reprisal for their work — nearly double the 18 such murders it recorded in 2017. The growing number of jour

Google needs regulation. Republicans are too busy screaming about bias.

Members of the conservative majority on the House Judiciary Committee spent much of their time hammering [Google CEO Sundar] Pichai with baseless accusations that Google rigs its search results to censor conservative content. The bias obsession ha

As the Internet Splinters, the World Suffers

The received wisdom was once that a unified, unbounded web promoted democracy through the free flow of information.

If the feds won’t fight for your internet freedom, every state should

Trying to protect an open internet state by state, rather than by federal law, is a daunting and unwieldy goal.

Everyone is suing everyone over net neutrality. Congress should step in.

The fight over net neutrality today can be reduced to a single sentence: Everyone is suing everyone else.

The White House shows its contempt for the free press

[Commentary] Of all the mind-dizzying hypocrisies that have emanated from President Donald Trump’s communications office, it is hard to find any more outlandish than claiming to “support a free press” while barring a reporter from an open White Ho

Maintaining diversity in broadcasting

[Commentary]  The Federal Communications Commission’s sudden halt to Sinclair Broadcasting’s effort to dominate local television is far from an example of an overbearing regulatory state.

As vultures circle, The Denver Post must be saved

[Editorial] Consider this a plea to Alden — owner of Digital First Media, one of the largest newspaper chains in the country — to rethink its business strategy across all its newspaper holdings. Consider this also a signal to our community and civ