Dylan Gilbert

Consumer Privacy Before Congress This Week: What We Learned and What’s Next

The week of Feb 25 featured back-to-back privacy hearings on Capitol Hill to discuss principles for federal privacy legislation.

Telecom Giants Broke the Law By Selling Detailed Location Data. Will They Face Consequences?

More details have emerged from the Vice investigation into carriers selling their customers’ real-time location data, including assisted GPS (“A-GPS”) data intended only for emergency services.

Security Shield: A Label to Support Sustainable Cybersecurity

The paper argues that the current first-to-market approach to connected technologies -- including Internet of Things devices -- has undermined public trust in these technologies and the internet, jeopardizing both our economy and democra

The FTC Must Be Empowered to Protect Our Privacy

Although consent orders sound good in theory, recent revelations about Facebook’s behavior have left consumers doubting that they work in practice.