Dana Floberg

Here's What Congress Needs to Do If the FCC Kills Net Neutrality

There’s still a small chance we could stop the upcoming network neutrality vote — but if we lose the rules, what’s next? First of all, Free Press will take the Federal Communications Commission to court.

Congress can’t ‘fix’ net neutrality with a new bill. Here’s why.

[Commentary] The path to victory for network neutrality supporters requires strong leadership from Capitol Hill — but it shouldn’t include a legislative “fix.” First of all, we have a good law already.

Don't Believe AT&T's Net Neutrality Lies

Last week, AT&T Senior Vice President Bob Quinn tried (and failed) to undercut Network Neutrality supporters by insisting that Free Press has been foretelling doom and gloom since 2010.

Pai's Big-Media Handout Won't Help Communities

Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai claimed in a New York Times Op-Ed that his ill-conceived plans to overhaul media-ownership rules are in fact a long-overdue move to rescue the struggling newspaper industry.

GOP Lawmakers' Many Privacy Hypocrisies

[Commentary] In essence, the GOP leaders and members voting the wrong way this week have accomplished an exquisitely dishonest trifecta.

Racial Justice Leaders Mark the Two-Year Anniversary of the Net Neutrality Rules

Feb 26 was the two-year anniversary of the FCC’s Open Internet Order, the monumental victory that enshrined Net Neutrality principles in strong rules backed by Title II legal authority.

New FCC Chairman Ajit Pai Is Off to an Orwellian Start

Newly minted Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai took a page out of President Trump’s playbook and issued his own version of executive orders to undercut affordable broadband, greenlight more media consolidation and endanger key pr

Internet Users Beware: Marsha Blackburn --- a Diehard Net Neutrality Foe --- Is Now in Charge of a Powerful House Subcommittee

Bad news: Rep Marsha Blackburn (R–TN) is the new chair of the House Communications Subcommittee.

Public TV and the FCC Spectrum: A Mystery and an Opportunity

The Free Press Action Fund recently set out to determine which public TV stations are taking part in the Federal Communications Commission's broadcast incentive auction.

Facebook's Actions Have Dangerous Consequences for People of Color

Facebook talks a good game when it comes to fighting for racial justice and protecting human rights.