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Alvaro Bedoya is confirmed to the Federal Trade Commission

The Senate on May 11 voted to confirm law professor Alvaro Bedoya to serve on the Federal Trade Commission, solidifying a Democratic majority at the agency that will enable FTC Chair Lina Khan to move on her ambitious agenda to rein in Big Tech’s power. Fifty senators voted in favor while 50 voted against. Vice President Harris cast the tiebreaking vote in her role as president of the Senate.

Biden’s tech agenda gets a reality check as Elon Musk buys Twitter

The Biden administration arrived in Washington with an ambitious agenda for taming Big Tech, which it portrayed as concentrating too much power in the hands of a few billionaires — the moguls of a new, digital Gilded Age. Elon Musk’s $44 billion deal to buy Twitter has put that critique into sharp relief, underscoring how badly Biden’s tech agenda has stalled in the 15 months since taking the White House.

President Biden’s ambitious broadband funding has a key impediment: an outdated map of who needs it

The federal government is slated to pump a record amount of funding into projects to expand Internet access and affordability.

3G shutdowns could leave most vulnerable without a connection

Consumer advocates say the 3G shutdown will leave some of society’s most vulnerable people without critical communications tools. Many devices have moved to 4G networks and newer phones are now moving onto 5G. But a motley assortment still relies on the more rudimentary 3G service and consumer advocates are urging the Federal Communications Commission to slow the change, which is set to start in February 2022. Older and low-income Americans are more likely to be affected by the shift.

Tech adversary Kanter tells senators he will pursue ‘vigorous’ antitrust enforcement in nomination hearing

Jonathan Kanter told lawmakers he would bring “vigorous” enforcement to the helm of the Justice Department’s antitrust division, as they weigh his nomination to serve as one of the federal government’s top competition cops. In the October 5 Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, Kanter laid out bits of his plan for lawmakers, focusing on ensuring robust competition for businesses across the country.