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Silicon Valley will face new challenges in 2020. Here's what we're watching.

Over the last decade, lawmakers and regulators slowly woke up to the consequences of the tech industry’s unchecked rise in power.

Experts want to help heartland cities compete for tech jobs. Their plan costs $100 billion.

Experts are proposing that Congress pick eight to 10 up-and-coming tech cities away from the coastal hubs and heavily invest in research and workforce development. They want lawmakers to run a rigorous selection process to pick the rising tech cen

Phone records from AT&T and Verizon obtained in impeachment inquiry spark controversy

Phone logs subpoenaed from Verizon and AT&T put a spotlight on the powerful tools at lawmakers' disposal as they seek to investigate President Donald Trump in the impeachment inquiry. The records were some of the strongest circumstantial evide

How Congress plans to pressure Big Tech for Fall 2019

How lawmakers plan to keep the pressure on Big Tech heading into Fall 2019. 

Silicon Valley is facing a new enemy in antitrust push -- state attorneys general

Silicon Valley doesn’t just have to worry about antitrust action in Washington.

Senate Tech Task Force Leader Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) Wants to Focus on Data Privacy

The Senate Judiciary Committee’s new tech task force leader, Marsha Blackburn (R-TN), wants to use her perch to hold tech companies accountable.

Social media experts are skeptical of President Trump's plan to fight gun violence online

Technology experts are skeptical of President Donald Trump’s call for Internet companies to work with law enforcement and the Justice Department to develop tools to detect mass shootings before they even happen.

Here are the details of the FTC's $5 billion settlement with Facebook

The Federal Trade Commission’s record-breaking settlement with Facebook will slap the company with a $5 billion fine and grant regulators exceptional oversight of the company’s business practices.

President Trump's social media summit was a spectacle. Here are the real takeaways for Big Tech.

Beyond the circus-like atmosphere of the White House social media summit, the conference had serious implications for Silicon Valley.

Facebook leaders say antitrust focus obscures the real tech threat: China

As Facebook prepares for increased competition scrutiny in the US and Europe, its top brass is repeatedly warning lawmakers and regulators that antitrust action could be a distraction from a much bigger threat: China.