Caroline Van Wie

Bold BDS Order Borne Out in Business Fiber Growth Statistics

[Press release] May 15 the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals heard oral arguments in a challenge to the Federal Communications Commission’s new Business Data Services (BDS) regime.

BDS Reform for 2017, Not 2005

As the business data services (BDS) proceeding is drawing to a close, some are still arguing for an additional delay, suggesting that resolution of this proceeding is contrary to the facts and will slow the deployment of 5G services.

Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics

Over the past several months, the Federal Communications Commission – first through its hired economist, and later through Staff – has released over 100 regressions that purport to analyze the data the Commission has collected about the Business D

The BDS Facts Speak for Themselves

The Federal Communications Commission has spent the last year analyzing the data submitted in the Business Data Services proceeding to understand what is driving the BDS marketplace.