Brian Donoghue

Eliminating Language Barriers and Developing Trusted Partnerships in Cuyahoga County, Ohio

The Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) is a critical component of the nationwide effort to bridge the digital divide. Established on a bipartisan basis by Congress, the ACP provides subsidies that enable low-income households to get – and stay connected – with monthly broadband subscriptions. Despite its success in reaching over 35% of eligible households, the ACP faces a funding shortfall by 2024.

Resources for Broadband Advocates: Making Digital Equity A Reality in Pennsylvania

The most powerful broadband advocacy starts in communities where residents inform of the connectivity solutions they need.

Broadband Makes US Better: Lessons from the Lone Star State

In Texas, many communities have leveraged creative financing methods for assessing and installing broadband in their communities. If effectively deployed, incoming federal and state broadband funding will create opportunities to bridge longstanding access gaps in low-income and rural communities. The report provides key recommendations for federal, state, local, nonprofit, and community leaders. For federal leaders, the report recommends the following: