Angie Kronenberg

INCOMPAS, CCIA Urge FCC to Follow the Record, Technical Analysis Revealing Significant Economic, Public Interest Benefits of Maximizing 12 GHz Spectrum Band for 5G

INCOMPAS and the Computer & Communications Industry Association (CCIA) filed joint public reply comments urging the Federal Communications Commission to follow the robust record supporting expanding the 12 GHz spectrum band for new or expanded terrestrial mobile use. As the data clearly shows, the FCC’s action to open up this key mid-band spectrum would accelerate mobile market competition, bolster the economy, and strengthen America’s 5G edge.

INCOMPAS to FCC: Time to Kick Start Net Neutrality Action

INCOMPAS -- the internet and competitive networks association, representing local fiber builders, streaming services, social media and internet innovators -- filed a Petition for Reconsideration at the Federal Communications Commission, highlighting the lack of competition in the broadband market and how this threatens streaming prices and growth.

INCOMPAS to FCC: 1 Gig or Bust. Speed the Internet Up, and Boost the Economy

INCOMPAS, the internet and competitive networks association, filed comments Spet 18 at the Federal Communications Commission in conjunction with its 16th Broadband Deployment Report Notice of Inquiry (706 Comments).

Net Neutrality is Essential to Competition, Streaming Revolution and Small Business Recovery

The Federal Communications Commission's Net Neutrality remand proceeding, INCOMPAS highlights several important points:

INCOMPAS Files ‘Communications Marketplace Report’ Comments with FCC

INCOMPAS, the internet and competitive networks association, is urging the Federal Communications Commission to adopt a stronger approach to encouraging competition across all markets.

INCOMPAS to FCC: Court’s Remand of Net Neutrality Provisions Critical to Competition, Public Safety and Streaming Revolution

INCOMPAS — the internet and competitive networks association — led the court challenge opposing the Federal Communications Commission decision to end network neutrality provisions that help first responders, main street businesses and the streaming revolution. The INCOMPAS comments argue net neutrality impacts: