Adrianne Furniss

Benton Committed to Fast, Fair, Open Internet

It is always a sad day when government regulators choose commercial interests over the public interest.

FCC Chairman Pai Vows to Stand Up To Trump Administration

Responding to a letter from 13 U.S.

Benton Stands With Toby to Say "Don't Delete Big Bird"

A couple weeks ago, an adorable seven-year-old boy named Toby complained that President Donald Trump is “deleting PBS kids” just to pay for the wall.

Chairman Pai, Tell Us What You're Thinking About Freedom of the Press

[Commentary] Concerned with a “lack of full transparency,” all of the Democrats on the Senate Commerce Committee wrote a letter to Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai on March 10 asking him six questions on his views on the media a

When the Pai FCC Abandons the Public Interest, Who You Gonna Call?

On February 6, 2017, Andrew Jay Schwartzman – the Benton Senior Counselor at the Public Interest Communications Law Project at Georgetown University Law Center's Institute for Public Representation – appeared before the US Court of Appeals for the

Make America First in Broadband Again

I sent a letter to President Donald Trump and leaders both in Congress and at the Federal Communications Commission. Just as ten years ago when Benton Foundation Founder Charles Benton called on then-President George W.

Celebrating Chairman Wheeler’s Gift to the American People

[Commentary] In reviewing the successes of the last year, but, more broadly, the last three years, the person I keep returning to is Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler.

Access, Diversity, and Equity are More Important Than Ever

[Commentary] If I learned anything during this election, it is that opposing sides are not speaking with each other. And because we are more disconnected, we need to focus on ways to connect.

Innovators in Digital Inclusion

Sept 28 we're launching a series of articles that explore the origins, strategies, challenges and funding mechanisms for successful digital inclusion organizations.

Benton and Rhinesmith Continue Digital Inclusion Research Partnership

Just one year ago, Dr. Colin Rhinesmith joined the Benton Foundation as our Faculty Research Fellow.