Adam Goldman

A New Age of Warfare: How Internet Mercenaries Do Battle for Authoritarian Governments

Sophisticated surveillance, once the domain of world powers, is increasingly available on the private market. Smaller countries are seizing on the tools — sometimes for darker purposes.

Trump Inaugural Fund and Super PAC Said to Be Scrutinized for Illegal Foreign Donations

Federal prosecutors are examining whether foreigners illegally funneled donations to President Trump’s inaugural committee and a pro-Trump super PAC in hopes of buying influence over American policy. The inquiry focuses on whether people from Midd

Justice Department Accuses Russians of Interfering in Midterm Elections

Russians working for a close ally of President Vladimir Putin engaged in an elaborate campaign of “information warfare” to interfere with the midterm elections, federal prosecutors said in unsealing a criminal complaint against one of them.

The New York Times Asks Court to Unseal Documents on Surveillance of Carter Page

The New York Times is asking the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court to unseal secret documents related to the wiretapping of Carter Page, the onetime Donald Trump campaign adviser at the center of a disputed memo written by Republican staffer

2 White House Officials Helped Give Nunes Intelligence Reports

A pair of White House officials played a role in providing House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes (R-CA) with the intelligence reports that showed that President Donald Trump and his associates were incidentally swept up in foreign surv

Emails Warrant No New Action Against Hillary Clinton, FBI Director Says

FBI Director James Comey told Congress that he had seen no evidence in a recently discovered trove of emails to change his conclusion that Hillary Clinton should face no charges over her handling of classified information.