Aarti Shahani

Inspired By Russia, He Bought Influence On Facebook

On June 5, California holds its congressional primaries and in one largely rural district, there is a new kind of money entering politics: payments to Facebook, where messages can be sharply targeted and it's cheaper to advertise than on radio, TV

Mark Zuckerberg's Big Blind Spot And The Conflict Within Facebook

In whatever corner of the world Facebook is operating, it has become clear that people are using this powerful platform as a communications tool in ways that Mark Zuckerberg never envisioned.

In Google Newsroom, Brazil Defeat Is Not A Headline

If you do a Google search on the World Cup game in which Germany slaughtered Brazil 7-1, the top results will say things like "destroy," "defeat," and "humiliate." But Google itself is choosing to steer clear of negative terms.