Aaron Pressman

Sprint Goes to Court to Block AT&T's Controversial '5GE' Label as Misleading

AT&T’s decision to label some of its most advanced 4G LTE mobile network as “5G Evolution” has drawn scorn from rivals and some analysts who claim the carrier is misleading consumers about the real arrival date of faster fifth-generation techn

Why T-Mobile Promises Not to Raise Prices for Faster 5G Mobile Service

T-Mobile’s pricing is under scrutiny as both federal and state regulators continue to evaluate its proposed merger with Sprint. CEO John Legere recently sent a letter to Federal Communications Commission chair Ajit Pai pledging not to raise prices

Here Comes the Third Wave of Cord Cutting: Home Internet Service

The trend of people cutting their home Internet connections in favor of wireless online connectivity is accelerating, according to the latest survey from Pew Research.

How Trump Is Handing AT&T, Verizon and Comcast A Double Win

The Trump administration proposed plans giving two big wins to the nation's largest communications companies. President Donald Trump proposed tax cuts that would make AT&T, Verizon, and Comcast among the biggest winners of his plan.

President-elect Trump May Appoint Pence Ally And Telecom Deregulator To FCC

A former ally of Vice President-elect Mike Pence with a strong focus on deregulation could be in line for an appointment to the Federal Communications Commission, possibly as the next chairman.

How AT&T and Verizon Are Testing the Limits of Mobile Network Neutrality

Federal network neutrality rules are supposed to prevent Internet service providers from discriminating against content providers—but also from unfairly favoring their own content.