Annual Reports

Chairman’s Year End Message 2014

Our overarching goal is to close the digital divide and support digital inclusion, so the most vulnerable populations can participate fully in a diverse media system and in our democracy. With this goal in mind, here are the areas the foundation devoted ourselves to this year.

Chairman’s Year End Message 2013

The New Year is both a time to reflect on the challenges and accomplishments of the past 12 months and a time to be excited about the future. As the Benton Foundation closes 2013, here’s what I’m most proud of – and what has me reenergized for 2014.

Chairman’s Year End Message 2012

Personally and professionally, this year has been one for the books

Celebrating 30 years with a focus on the future

Determined. Passionate. Agile. That’s the Benton Foundation, a small organization among giant foundations, global nonprofits, immense communication companies, and the behemoth that is the federal government. Our size is our strength. It enables us to tightly focus on media and their critical role in serving the public interest. For 30 years, we have championed media as the bedrock of democracy.

Chairman’s Year End Message 2011

As the Benton Foundation closes out our 30th year as an organization dedicated to the ideal of media and telecommunications serving the public interest and enhancing our democracy, here are some thoughts on our major activities during these past twelve months.

Benton Foundation 2007 Annual Report
Publishing date: April 2008

Benton Foundation 2005 Annual Report
Publishing date: May 2006
Format: Read & Print

Benton Foundation 2004 Annual Report
Publishing date: May 2005
Format: PDF

Benton Foundation 2003 Annual Report
Publishing date: April 2004
Format: PDF

Benton Foundation 2002 Annual Report
Publishing date: April 2003
Format: PDF
Read about what the Benton Foundation undertook in 2002 and preview our plans looking forward.

Benton Foundation 2001 Annual Report
Publishing date: Spring 2002
Format: PDF
An overview of the Benton Foundation's work over the course of 2001, plus a message from our new president, Andrea Taylor.

Benton Foundation 20 Year Anniversary Report
Publishing date: July 2001
Format: PDF
Come celebrate 20 years of the Benton Foundation! The history of the foundation, a timeline of our accomplishments, and our mission are outlined in our 20th anniversary brochure, along with our vision for the future.