Benton Foundation Environmental Policy

May 2009

Whereas every person and organization has an impact on our environment, and

Whereas global warming is a real and immediate threat to the survival of our planet, and

Whereas individuals and organizations have a responsibility to do what they can to reduce their environmental impact and minimize their carbon footprint....

Therefore, the Benton Foundation hereby adopts the following environmental policy to guide its activities in carrying out its mission and in the administration of its day-to-day operations.

The goal of this policy is to save money while protecting the environment by:

  • Conserving energy
  • Purchasing green materials and supplies
  • Serving sustainable food and beverages
  • Reducing and recycling waste
  • Considering conscious travel
  • Reducing and neutralizing its carbon footprint

To implement this new environmental policy, the Benton Foundation will utilize and incorporate as many as practically possible the suggestions and guidelines detailed in the Environmental Grantmaker's Association two "Green Beyond Grants" publications:

  1. Sustainable Practices for Foundations
  2. Cutting Carbon: Taking Steps Toward Carbon Neutrality in your Office, Operations and Events

These guides have been developed specifically for use by foundations to encourage them as well as their suppliers, vendors and grantees to adopt environmentally friendly practices to not only save money, but conserve resources, reduce energy consumption, minimize waste, and decrease the use of toxic materials to protect our environment and combat global warming. As a part of this policy, the Benton Foundation will encourage that as a condition of receiving grant support from the Foundation that the grantee will demonstrate adherence to the same set of environmental principles.