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Trump’s top aide said he wasn’t doing personal insults. And then he proved her very wrong.

A campaign shake-up and strong, largely disciplined speeches recently led to the usual debate over whether Donald Trump was finally changing his ways and adjusting to the demands of the general election.

With a comfortable lead, Clinton begins laying plans for her White House agenda

Hillary Clinton’s increasingly confident campaign has begun crafting a detailed agenda for her possible presidency, with plans to focus on measures aimed at creating jobs, boosting infrastructure spending and enacting immigration reform if current

NSA’s use of software flaws to hack foreign targets posed risks to cybersecurity

To penetrate the computers of foreign targets, the National Security Agency relies on software flaws that have gone undetected in the pipes of the Internet.

Civil liberties groups ask FCC to probe Baltimore police use of cellphone tracking devices

Several civil liberties organizations filed a complaint asking the Federal Communications Commission to investigate the use of cellphone tracking devices by the Baltimore Police Department.

Google wants to help you vote. Could it affect the election?

One of the things that makes Google so powerful is that the sheer amount of data it gathers makes it possible to understand what the people as a whole are interested in.

Clinton’s transition team grows

With an eye toward what happens after November, Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman, John Podesta, announced new members of a leadership team to start preparing for a potential administration.

You think you’re using your smartphone — but it also uses you

You touch your phone an average of 2,617 times per day — more, if you’re a heavy user. That’s 18,000 times a week. Nearly one million times a year.

‘Wireless fiber’ could give us gigabit Internet speeds with no cables at all

So, you're on the hunt for a new home-Internet provider. The one you like seems to offer fast, reliable service, but its footprint ends just short of where you happen to live — and there aren't many other options in your area.

The copyright case that should worry all Internet providers

Will Internet providers have to start cracking down harder on their own customers for suspected copyright infringement?

The next frontier of online activism is ‘woke’ chatbots

Since early June, an account called @StayWokeBot has been doing its best to help keep others aware.