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US revealed secret legal basis for NSA program to Sprint, documents show

Under threat of a court challenge, the Obama Administration in 2010 revealed to Sprint the secret legal basis of a then-classified program that collected billions of Americans’ phone records for counterterrorism purposes, according to newly declas

Big Cable threatens to create Internet fast lanes even if the FCC beefs up net neutrality

Broadband providers could still create Internet fast lanes even if federal regulators adopt stronger rules for the Web, as net neutrality advocates are hoping.

After two years, app to assist mobile deaf users finally gets nod of approval from FCC

It's been over two years, but Miracom -- a Kansas firm that's developed an app to help the deaf and hard-of-hearing use mobile phones -- has finally gotten government approval to hit the market.

Net neutrality protesters are literally camped outside the FCC. And the agency is hearing them out.

Demonstrators are calling on Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler to abandon a proposal that allows broadband providers to charge content companies like Dropbox and Google extra for speedy and reliable service.

European court ruling on privacy could give boost to US privacy advocates

The highest court in the European Union ruled that search engines such as Google have a responsibility to allow individuals the right to scrub their online histories.

A new lawsuit takes aim at British spies’ alleged hacking of phones, Web cams and PCs

Privacy International, an international nonprofit is suing the British counterpart to the National Security Agency in what the group says is the country's first-ever legal challenge to device-hacking by intelligence services.

FCC chair responds to net neutrality backlash: ‘I could not agree with you more’

Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler responded to some of the most vocal critics of his proposal to allow Internet providers to charge content providers like Netflix for faster access to customers.

Why Apple is so interested in Beats: It’s not about the headphones

Apple is reportedly buying Beats Electronics for $3.2 billion -- a whopping sum for a brand that, although popular, tends to be scoffed at by audiophiles.

On network neutrality, the FCC’s chairman increasingly stands alone

First came the tech companies, almost 150 of them.

Now dozens of high-profile VCs are protesting the FCC’s net neutrality rules, too

Mere hours after a group of top tech companies wrote to the Federal Communications Commission to oppose the agency's proposed rules for net neutrality, nearly 50 venture capitalists are doing the same.