Since 1981, we have championed communications as the bedrock of democracy.

-Charles Benton

Weekly Digest

August 13-17, 2018

Digital Beat

Andrew Jay Schwartzman
August 17, 2018

After months of relative inactivity, there will soon be some important movement in litigation over the Federal Communications Commission’s network neutrality rules. The fact that there are two different cases in two different courts litigating over two different decisions is likely to cause considerable confusion in the coming weeks.

Benton Editorial
Adrianne Furniss
August 16, 2018

The press is the people. We should commit to protect, preserve, and strengthen it today and every day.

Craig Settles
August 15, 2018

Effective, well thought-out, multi-faceted marketing can make your community broadband network more money and can cost less than sales teams alone. When Marketing work in conjunction with Sales, the network does better financially in the short- and long-term. Let’s use telehealth as an example.

Benton believes that communications policy—rooted in the values of access, equity, and diversity—has the power to deliver new opportunities and strengthen communities to bridge our divides.

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