The Public Interest Communications Law Project and the Benton Senior Counselor

The Benton Foundation and Georgetown Law are establishing the Public Interest Communications Law Project, under which Andrew Jay Schwartzman will serve as the Benton Senior Counselor at Georgetown Law’s Institute for Public Representation (IPR).  read more


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National Broadband Plan

Network Neutrality


WiFi or Part 15 non-licensed transmitters are well regulated under FCC's Part 15 and Fraud and Criminal activities are regulated by State and Federal... read more
Having started to test the application - it is far from ready for prime time Sign up is too difficult The jump directly into a subscription based... read more
If an ISP such as Verizon were a common carrier, would they be able to modify what I send, such as inserting headers in http requests? Harold read more
It is unsurprising that Mr. Copps would condemn ISPs when he himself is on the Board of Directors of Public Knowledge, a Washington DC lobbying shop... read more
Suggest that it would be useful for all if Mr. Lenard includes a definition of "edge Providers" as an update to his article. read more
CORPORATE TPP's, CETA's, et al, “SECRET” VULNERABILITIES. Which NON Shareholders WILL QUALIFY FOR EXEMPTIONS? Please SHARE the info & questions... read more
A good read indeed, but on layman's term, I guess rules should be coming from ourselves. We should all be responsible with these technology and... read more
Once again, mostly people understand the problem to be in the last mile, but few have a solution. Well here it is and few will like it as it cuts... read more
Kevin, By now it should be apparent that the FCC is final paying the price for DC ducking the "convergence" issue for the past 30 years. The reality... read more

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Here Benton Foundation Chairman and CEO Charles Benton and others offer their unique perspective on communications policy.

Our Work

ConnectED/E-rate Reform

The E-rate program was established in 1997 and represents the federal government’s largest education technology program. Learn More

Phone to Fiber

On our way to an all-IP future, how do we ensure that our newest technologies continue to support some of our oldest values? Learn More


The Federal Communications Commission's Lifeline is a government benefit program that provides discounts on monthly telephone service for eligible low-income consumers. Learn More


The Benton Foundation and Senior Service America, Inc. (SSAI) are exploring a potential digital literacy campaign that targets older adults. Learn More

Tracking Legislation

Congress is poised to make a number of critical yet irreversible decisions this year and next that will shape our communications future for decades to come. Learn More

Implementing the National Broadband Plan

America is on the verge of vast new broadband-driven digital transformation that promises to make life more livable, businesses more productive, jobs more plentiful, and the Internet more accessible. Learn More

Mergers & Acquisitions

Benton has made it easier to track regulatory review of major telecommunications mergers and acquisitions. Learn More

New Report from the Benton Foundation

The New Network Compact: Making the IP Transition Work for Vulnerable Communities highlights the concerns of vulnerable communities in the move from telephone to broadband networks. read more

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