Washington Post

Washington Post reporter barred, patted down by police, at rally for Mike Pence

Donald Trump’s campaign has denied press credentials to a number of disfavored media organizations, including The Washington Post, but on July 27, the campaign of his running mate, Gov Mike Pence (R-IN), went even further.

Weather Service conducts ‘illegal surveillance’ on staff, union says

If it’s on Facebook, can it be secret? Members of the National Weather Service Employees Organization (NWSEO) thought they had a secret Facebook page that was available only to them.

Jacob Appelbaum was an online privacy hero. Then a scandal exploded.

The Tor Project, a digital privacy group, said July 27 that an internal probe found that Jacob Appelbaum, a former employee who has been held up across the Web as a champion of online privacy, engaged in sexual misconduct.

Internet providers won’t rest until the government’s net-neutrality rules are dead

Internet providers who oppose the government's network neutrality rules will once again take the issue to court as they ask more than a dozen federal judges to throw out the regulations.

The Democrats’ well-deserved WikiLeaks blowback

[Commentary] Over at the CIA and the National Security Agency headquarters, they must be really enjoying watching Democrats in Philadelphia (PA) squirm over WikiLeaks’s exposure of tens of thousands of internal Democratic Party e-mails.

E-mails show Debbie Wasserman Schultz pressured ‘Morning Joe’ — to no avail

On May 18, "Morning Joe" co-host Mika Brzezinski said Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz "should step down" because she had favored Hillary Clinton over Sen Bernie Sanders (I-VT) throughout the primary.

Clinton campaign — and some cyber experts — say Russia is behind email release

A top official with Hillary Clinton’s campaign accused the Russian government of orchestrating the release of damaging Democratic Party records to help the campaign of Republican Donald Trump — and some cybersecurity experts agree.

Wikileaks posts nearly 20,000 hacked DNC e-mails online

Wikileaks posted a massive trove of internal Democratic National Committee e-mails online July 22, in what the organization dubbed the first of a new "Hillary Leaks" series.

FCC selects Swedish firm to run sensitive national database routing phone calls

The Federal Communications Commission selected a Swedish-owned firm to run a sensitive national database that routes billions of phone calls across the country, apparently satisfied that the award would not jeopardize national security.

How political conventions became sanitized, made-for-TV infomercials

[Commentary] Whether you loved Sen Ted Cruz's (R-TX) shade-throwing non-endorsement speech at the Republican National Convention or considered it poor sportsmanship, there is no disputing this: It was good television.