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Choosing which cable channels to provide is speech, but offering Internet access is not

[Commentary] May 1, the DC Circuit denied the petition for rehearing en banc challenging the soon-to-be replaced network neutrality rules. Judges Brown and Kavanaugh dissented from the denial of rehearing, and each wrote to explain why.

Net neutrality may be poised for a Supreme Court showdown

A federal appeals court has said it will not rehear a landmark case looking to overturn the government’s rules on network neutrality.

Why President Trump desperately needs to keep conservative media outlets on his side

For President Donald Trump, it is critical that Alex Jones and other backers in the conservative media continue to look on the bright side — and continue to tell the president's base to do the same.

Uber’s ‘fingerprinting’ of iPhones after users delete app has sparked an FTC complaint

An advocacy group known for challenging the tech industry on privacy called on the Federal Trade Commission Thursday to investigate media reports that Uber could identify specific iPhone devices even after users deleted the ride-hailing app.

Trump’s FCC chairman wants to hand the Internet over to big corporations

[Commentary] For as long as the Internet has existed, it has been grounded on the principle of net neutrality — that what you read, see or watch online shouldn’t be favored, blocked or slowed down based on where that content is coming from.

How cellphone carriers learned to stop worrying and love unlimited data

They've raised prices. They've slowed speeds. But despite their best efforts, the country's biggest cellphone carriers have been unable to kill off the unlimited data plan.

In Chicago, Obama tells young leaders that ‘special interests dominate the debates in Washington’

In his first public appearance since leaving the White House in January, former president Barack Obama told young leaders that "special interests dominate the debates in Washington" and that he had failed to realize his "aspirational" goal of unit

Verizon is launching its ultrafast competitor to Google Fiber

Verizon has launched a faster version of its FiOS Internet service that can reach download speeds of up to 940 Mbps per second.

‘Everyone tunes in’: Inside Trump’s obsession with cable TV

For President Donald Trump — a reality TV star who parlayed his blustery-yet-knowing on-air persona into a winning political brand — television is often the guiding force of his day, both weapon and scalpel, megaphone and news feed.

In Trump’s America, who’s protesting and why? Here’s our March report.

[Commentary] For March 2017, we tallied 585 protests, demonstrations, marches, sit-ins and rallies in the United States, with at least one in every state and the District.