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Steve Bannon’s not-so-subtle threat to the media

It's no secret that Stephen K. Bannon, the past chairman of Breitbart News and now a senior strategist to the president, is behind much of Trump's anti-media rhetoric.

The Trump White House doesn’t really want balanced media coverage

When CNN's Dylan Byers reported that counselor to the president Kellyanne Conway had been pulled off the air by the White House, his story included a familiar line: “Conway did not respond to a request for comment.” Within minutes of the report's

Donald Trump is losing his war with the media

A new poll from Quinnipiac University suggests that while people may be broadly unhappy with the mainstream media, they still think it's more credible than President Donald Trump.

Why Trump loves to hate the media

[Commentary] President Donald Trump seems to have three reasons for attacking the press. One is an effort to discredit media criticism, especially of Trump’s own falsehoods, exaggerations and misleading statements.

Five ways President Trump can become media literate

[Commentary] With cries of “fake news” coming from all sides, schools are stepping up — teaching media literacy to help students distinguish rumor from fact, hoax from reality.

Trump attempts a reset with a rally, new staff and a renewed fight with the media

Nearly a month into a presidency full of missteps, Donald Trump returned Feb 18 to firmer ground outside of Washington, staging a raucous campaign-style rally here with a throng of adoring supporters who helped sweep him into the White House.

How Trump’s obsession with the media endangers his presidency — and all of us

[Commentary] We’ve never had a president who was this obsessed with the news media, and that obsession is going to continue to shape his presidency.

FEC commissioner’s departure sets up test of how Trump will approach money in politics

Ann Ravel, one of the three Democratic appointees on the deeply divided Federal Election Commission, announced that she will leave her post March 1, setting up one of the first tests of how President Trump will approach campaign finance regulation

How we could close tech’s gender gap in a decade

We all know that the technology industry has a gender problem. But how do you move the needle from awareness to action?

Here’s why Trump’s attacks on ‘fake news’ succeed

If you read the New York Times report that several of President Trump's aides and associates communicated regularly during the campaign with Russian intelligence officials, you know that Trump's rebuttal to the controversy at a news conference mad