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The traditional think tank is withering. In its place? Bankers and consultants.

[Commentary] Anybody who works in Washington knows that think tanks play an important role in advising the government on policy.

Should broadband be included in the Trump infrastructure plan?

[Commentary] As the White House and Congress develop an infrastructure plan promised during the campaign, many, including senators, House members and mayors, are urging that broadband be included.

The future of net neutrality in Trump’s America

Now that President donald Trump has signed legislation repealing landmark federal privacy protections for Internet users, many in Washington are trying to decipher what the move could mean for network neutrality.

No, Republicans didn’t just strip away your Internet privacy rights

[Commentary] Let’s set the record straight: First, despite hyperventilating headlines, Internet service providers have never planned to sell your individual browsing history to third parties. That’s simply not how online advertising works.

Ebay Founder Pierre Omidyar network gives $100 million to boost journalism and fight hate speech

The philanthropy established by eBay founder Pierre Omidyar will contribute $100 million to support investigative journalism, fight misinformation and counteract hate speech around the world.

The inventor of the Web Tim Berners-Lee predicts ‘a massive outcry’ over online privacy

An interview with Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the World Wide Web.

Records show deep ties between FBI and Best Buy computer technicians looking for inappropriate content

Technicians for Best Buy’s “Geek Squad City” computer repair facility had a long, close relationship with the FBI in “a joint venture to ferret out child porn,” according to claims in new federal court documents, which also note that Best Buy’s ma

Speaker Ryan, Sen Rubio may have been targets of damaging Russian social-media campaigns

Two high-profile Republican members of Congress may have been targets of Russian social-media campaigns to discredit them as recently as this past week, an expert in Kremlin influence-peddling told the Senate Intelligence Committee on March 30.

The Trump White House simply does not care about having a good relationship with the media

Counselor to the president Kellyanne Conway likes to say that the Trump administration and the media share “joint custody” of the country, as if the president and the press are a divorced couple.

This is how you stop fake news

[Commentary] Previous research in this field suggests that attempts to counter political rumors often fail. Ironically, just repeating rumors that you’re trying to debunk may in fact reinforce those rumors.