Apple confirmed it’s putting $1 billion into the SoftBank fund that Donald Trump loves

Apple is indeed investing some of its cash in a SoftBank fund that has won praise from President-elect Donald Trump for promising to put $50 billion into US tech companies.

President Obama just made it much harder for President-elect Trump to build his “Muslim registry”

For nine years, from 2002 to 2011, a version of one of Donald Trump’s most extreme proposals was standard US government policy: requiring certain people in the US on visas from Muslim-majority countries to register with the government.

After failing to strike a new deal, Nokia is suing Apple for patent infringement

After failing to strike a new deal with Apple, Nokia is suing the iPhone maker for patent infringement in both Germany and the US.

Who said what inside the Trump tech meeting: Immigration, paid maternity leave and becoming the ‘software president’

[Of Note: The journalist responsible for this article was not present at the meeting]

Fake news is a convenient scapegoat, but the big 2016 problem was the real news

It was real news from establishment outlets that made the difference in this campaign.

Mossberg: Why the AT&T-Time Warner merger is dangerous

If the $85 billion AT&T-Time Warner merger goes through, it would, in my view, represent an unhealthy concentration of power between a distributor and a maker of content.

How the Internet keeps poor people in poor neighborhoods

Every time you “like” something on Facebook or search something on Google, these companies learn a little bit more about you — and provide a slightly more personalized experience based on that.

How journalists are shaping the way Americans understand contemporary white nationalism

It quickly became undeniable that the alt-right was no longer a small-time fringe group that lived on Twitter and 4chan — it had evolved into a formidable movement with political clout in the White House, all while openly spouting messages of whit

Farewell to President Obama, our first digital president

[Commentary] Beginning eight years ago, the Obama Administration embraced a fresh approach to leveraging technology platforms and improved the experience of interacting with government.

What is the future of news? Bleak, probably.

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