Calling Donald Trump's lies "lies" isn't partisan. It's the truth.

Even after President Barack Obama released his longform birth certificate in 2011, Donald Trump repeatedly questioned its authenticity and insinuated there was a conspiracy (including murder!) to keep the truth of President Obama’s foreign birth f

Do presidential debates matter? Here's the political science evidence.

How much do the debates even matter, anyway? The evidence isn’t entirely conclusive, but in my read of it, debates have the potential to make a small but real impact on the race.

How the parties took over the primary debates

[Commentary] In December 1987, six Democratic presidential candidates joined six Republican presidential candidates on the stage of the Kennedy Center in Washington (DC) for a primary debate.

Donald Trump just ditched his campaign manager because he’s a media celebrity, not a real businessman

New Trump campaign CEO Stephen Bannon and new campaign adviser Roger Ailes aren’t business titans who are promising to help Trump come to Washington, roll up his sleeves, and solve problems with some good old-fashioned private sector knowhow.

The media vs. Donald Trump: why the press feels so free to criticize the Republican nominee

[Commentary] There is a case to be made that the media created Donald Trump. It was, reportedly, his anger at being dismissed by political pundits that led him to run for president in the first place.

Trump’s already got an excuse for a November loss: the election will be “rigged"

Three months out, Donald Trump has already started warning people the election in November might be "rigged" for Hillary Clinton, telling Republican voters to "watch very closely." Speaking with Fox News’s Sean Hannity, Trump insinuated President

The tech lobby should be really nervous about what Hillary Clinton just said about immigration reform

Expanding visas to allow more high-skilled workers to come to the United States was supposed to be the last bipartisan immigration proposal standing.

This map shows how your state ranks on Internet speeds

States, even neighboring ones, can have wildly different average Internet speeds, according to Akamai's "State of the Internet" report. Broadview Networks put the report's data together in a map.

After a terrible season, Fox is destroying the wall between networks and studios

[Commentary] 20th Century Fox, the corporation that owns the Fox TV network, has restructured itself so that Dana Walden and Gary Newman, co-presidents of 20th Century Fox TV, will now head up the Fox Television Group, which will oversee both the

This ruling should worry every software patent owner

[Commentary] We have gotten our first taste of the practical consequences of the June landmark decision from the Supreme Court restricting patents on software.