Why you can’t vote online

You can bank online and shop online, but you can’t vote online. After all, transferring thousands of dollars with a click of a button should require more security than ticking a box on an electronic ballot, right? Wrong.

Mass media has utterly failed to convey the policy stakes in the election

Beneath the din of e-mail coverage and the mountains of clichés about populism, the mass-market media has simply failed to convey what’s actually at stake in the election.

What the viral Facebook check-in at Standing Rock says about activist surveillance

On Facebook, more than a million people checked in to the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation in North Dakota on Oct 31, but that didn’t mean that many people were actually at the site.

Why you should assume your e-mail will get hacked or leaked eventually

The Podesta leak hasn’t just been embarrassing for John Podesta, it has also been embarrassing for many other Hillary Clinton campaign staffers who communicated with him.

Fox News has never been as vulnerable as it is right now. Enter Trump TV?

Fox News hasn’t always known how to handle the Trump phenomenon The Fox News audience is old and getting older. Trump TV could grab younger conservatives. When push comes to shove, I’d probably still bet on Fox News in this potential battle.

President Obama says the US government still doesn't know who shut down the Internet on Oct 21

It’s still unclear who is responsible for Oct 21’s massive Internet outages, according to President Barack Obama.

The AT&T/Time Warner merger has a big political problem on its hands

[Commentary] The good news for AT&T/Time Warner is that antitrust enforcement is not, in practice, as politicized as many people seem to think.

Why the strongest case for AT&T's merger with Time Warner is also the case against it

[Commentary] There’s growing concern on both the right and the left that major media conglomerates are becoming too concentrated.

Donald Trump doesn’t need to broaden his appeal. The rise of cable TV explains why.

[Commentary] For months now, pundits and politicians have been waiting for Donald Trump to “pivot,” presumably moving away from his divisive, inflammatory rhetoric of the Republican primary and toward a more inclusive, mild demeanor for the genera

Cities spent millions on fast gigabit networks. No one is sure what they're good for.

A few dozen cities in America have next-generation broadband networks that offer speeds of 1 gigabit per second — about 50 times faster than a typical connection.