Journalism cannot be neutral toward a threat to the conditions that make it possible.

Rush Limbaugh called government, academia, science, and media the “Four Corners of Deceit.” This is not just run-of-the-mill ranting.

The White House is scrutinizing job candidates’ old social media posts for criticism of Trump

As President Donald Trump continues to build out his administration, many of his officials are having trouble filling vacancies in their departments because of questions about the loyalty of the people they want to select — questions that include

5G: Super fast data, throttled by reality

5G will genuinely be transformative — when it finally gets here. But the problem we’re seeing at Mobile World Congress, is that people are getting excited about the potential of 5G, but overlooking the immediate reality.

Facebook plans to lay almost 500 miles of fiber cable in Africa for better wireless internet

Facebook has a new plan to get more of Africa online: Fiber optic cables.

Is anyone gonna review this AT&T–Time Warner merger or what?

It seems that the pending AT&T–Time Warner merger continues to be a political hot potato, with different factions of government and industry continuing to argue over who will review it.

Is it time to separate the news from the Facebook newsfeed?

[Commentary] Social media scholars talk a lot about “context collapse,” the term that describes what happens when, on a platform like Facebook, users find that they can’t communicate freely with their friends while their relatives are reading the

Will the Telecommunications Act get a much-needed update as it turns 21?

[Commentary] The Telecommunications Act of 1996 turns 21. Signed into law by President Bill Clinton on Feb.

BuzzFeed vs. Trump

In January, we reached out to BuzzFeed in the wake of the dossier to find out whether the company felt it would be putting itself at risk — legal and financial — by publishing such materials.

The tools we build in Silicon Valley represent the best hope for fixing our democracy

[Commentary] Never before have people been able to self-organize and multiply for offline action almost instantly and with such little financial cost and planning effort.

Unlike most of the tech industry, the four telecom giants have been silent on Trump’s travel ban

While the tech industry as a whole started speaking out against President Donald Trump’s travel ban over the weekend, one segment has been noticeably silent: The big telecommunication firms.