The White House is directing the public’s phone calls to a Facebook service it’s not using

At some point during the transition between the Obama and Trump administrations, the White House comments phone line, 202-456-1111, was shut down.

I was a White House fact-checker. Don’t accept Trump’s attitude toward the truth.

[Commentary] As a research associate in the Office of Communications, I quickly learned some things about the nature of facts in politics. My best advice for the public is for everyone to do a little fact-checking of their own.

What Silicon Valley can expect under Trump

Since the election, President Trump has named only a handful of appointments to serve his administration, making it difficult to grok what a Trump presidency means for many of the complex issues that are dear to Silicon Valley — like immigration,

For the sake of national security, Donald Trump needs to trade in his cellphone

As president-elect, Donald Trump has continued to use his Android device as his primary means for both keeping in touch with associates and expressing his displeasure with news outlets and “Saturday Night Live.” But experts say that, as president,

Dangers I didn’t see coming: “tyranny of the minority” and an irrelevant press

[Commentary] One of the great surprises of [the 2016] election is that one does not need to repress the free news media when it has simply become irrelevant — because factuality has become irrelevant to how so many people choose to vote.

Tech leaders shouldn't succumb to a president-Trump bully pulpit

[Commentary] In a recent piece I wrote for Fast Company, I outlined my involvement with a council of independent tech influencers that helped shape President Bush’s tech agenda.

Facebook is going to start showing ads in the middle of its videos and sharing the money with publishers

Facebook wants to show more advertisements to people who watch its videos and start making money for the people who supply it with those videos.

Let’s not stack the deck against consumers and innovators by rolling back the Open Internet Order

[Commentary] Ensuring that the internet remains a fountain of innovation and disruption is at the heart of open internet policy.

Apple confirmed it’s putting $1 billion into the SoftBank fund that Donald Trump loves

Apple is indeed investing some of its cash in a SoftBank fund that has won praise from President-elect Donald Trump for promising to put $50 billion into US tech companies.

President Obama just made it much harder for President-elect Trump to build his “Muslim registry”

For nine years, from 2002 to 2011, a version of one of Donald Trump’s most extreme proposals was standard US government policy: requiring certain people in the US on visas from Muslim-majority countries to register with the government.