Trump’s new telecom advisers are a good sign for the AT&T and Time Warner deal, despite his threats against the merger

While the president-elect railed against companies like NBCUniversal and Amazon for being too big and threatened antitrust action during his campaign, the advisers President-elect Trump named to help oversee his Federal Communications Commission a

Facebook, Google and now Verizon are accelerating their tracking efforts despite consumers’ privacy concerns

[Commentary] Verizon has topped itself by playing Russian roulette with consumer trust in an attempt to compete with the advertising businesses of Google and Facebook.

America's fake news problem predates Facebook

[Commentary] The legacies of a right-wing broadcasting bubble have profoundly shaped our current political moment, and Facebook’s newsfeed algorithm is only one small piece of the puzzle.

13% of Americans don’t use the internet. Until a few months ago, I was one of them.

[Commentary] It took me until 2016 to learn how to use the Internet and get my first smartphone, both at the age of 68.

Here’s what large tech companies lost when Trump’s win killed the Trans-Pacific Partnership

Here’s what American technology companies would have gotten had the Trans-Pacific Partnership been finalized.

Salesforce CEO says companies buy each other for the data, and the government isn't doing anything about it

Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff says US regulators didn't pay proper attention to Microsoft’s purchase of LinkedIn, which he sees as a grab for data, not an acquisition of a social network.

Why social media is terrible for multiethnic democracies

A Q&A with Jonathan Haidt, a social psychologist at New York University.

News Corp, the New York Times and Axel Springer back Scroll, a subscription service from the former CEO of Chartbeat

How much would you pay to read lots of stories, from lots of digital publishers, without having to look at many ads? Tony Haile wants to find out.

How Democrats lost the high ground on money in politics

The Democratic Party made itself vulnerable to Donald Trump’s insurgency by cultivating Wall Street, wealthy political donors, and other financial elites despised by the American public.

Here's what a Clinton or Trump presidential victory means for tech regulation

[Commentary] Who is elected president will potentially have a significant bearing on tech. Hillary Clinton has a pretty detailed and well-articulated platform, with a particular emphasis on expanding broadband availability.