Columbia Journalism Review

What to do with public TV’s ‘spectrum auction’ windfall

[Commentary] The biggest potential hazard [for public stations in the aftermath of the incentive auction] is that some stations might not even get the money they’ve won.

A hidden message in memo justifying Comey’s firing

Anyone seeking further confirmation that Donald Trump’s presidency is primarily a media story need look no further than the surprise firing of FBI Director James Comey.

‘Respect print and grow digital’: Survey of over 400 local journalists reveals optimism

[Commentary] "What's it like to work at a local newspaper?” That’s the question we asked journalists across the United States at the end of 2016, as part of a new study supported by the Tow Center for Digital Journalism at Columbia University.

President Trump and trickle-down press persecution

[Commentary] It's become clear in recent months that President Donald Trump’s growling at the national press has, in many ways, backfired.

America’s growing news deserts

As local newspapers have closed across the country, more and more communities are left with no daily local news outlet at all. Rural America isn’t the only place local news is disappearing.

In search of a local news solution

[Commentary] This issue of the Columbia Journalism Review is about what has happened—and likely will happen next—to one of America’s great national institutions, its local press.