Columbia Journalism Review

Remember, America: Hating the press is not American

[Commentary] Journalists in the US are never off-limits for criticism. But what we’re seeing right now goes too far. We must fight back.

The age of the cyborg in journalism

[Commentary] You've probably heard that news organizations such as AP, Reuters, and many others are now turning out thousands of automated stories a month.

The tech/editorial culture clash

[Commentary] Without an informed and independent lens on the work of large technology companies, news organizations could easily surrender to the idea that they no longer belong in the business of shaping their own formats and production tools.

Did Trump’s scorched-earth tactics mortally wound the media?

[Commentary] The 2016 Presidential election took a heavy toll on the vast army of journalists assigned to cover it, grinding down shoe leather, fingertips, and nerve-endings in equal measure.

In Trump territory, local press tries to distance itself from national media

It is an odd paradox in a small community: people shop with their local TV reporters and send their kids to school with the children of the editors of their hometown newspaper.

Media outrage over press pool access plays right into Trump’s hands

[Commentary] We, as journalists, had better take extra care these days to strike the right balance between reacting and overreacting if we don’t want to be used as pawns in someone else’s strategy.

The symbiotic relationship between WikiLeaks and the press

WikiLeaks used to be the press’s only source for anonymously submitted online document dumps.

How tech and media can fight fake news

[Commentary] How can media companies do professional journalism that reaches audiences on the major platforms? And how can the giant platforms make that professional journalism worth their while?

A protest vote against blaming the media for Trump

To say the media missed some seismic shift in American political culture goes too far.

Journalists can regain public’s trust by reaffirming basic values

[Commentary] Wide swaths of the country, both geographically and demographically, don’t believe us. They see us as tools of some amorphous establishment, and have turned for their news of the world to alternate channels, to put it politely.