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Breitbart editor slams mainstream media in Pulitzer Hall

A Breitbart new editor called the publication he recently joined “the most innovative and exciting source of journalism in America”, calling out mainstream media bias and inaccuracy while accepting no similar responsibility for the misleading and

Study: Breitbart-led right-wing media ecosystem altered broader media agenda

[Commentary] The 2016 Presidential Election shook the foundations of American politics.

Putin, Politics, and the Press

The 2016 Presidential election, which upended voters, journalists, politicians, and special-interest groups, was remarkable for a number of reasons—not least Trump’s unconcealed contempt for the press, whose role was challenged again and again on

A recipe for journalism that works

[Commentary] The White House’s vicious attacks on the press and the often-timid response from journalists stem from the fact that, as a business, the press at this moment couldn’t be more exposed: Most of the biggest media companies in the country

Q&A: Floyd Abrams on the battle for the soul of the First Amendment

A Q&A with attorney Floyd Abrams, who represented the New York Times in the 1971 Pentagon Papers case and went on to become America's leading First Amendment litigator.

Can donor-funded newsrooms be truly independent?

[Commentary] Around the world, media outlets are taking millions of dollars from private donors and foundations in order to pay for news.

4 steps newsrooms are taking to boost diversity

Here are four steps newsrooms are taking to boost diversity:
Design fellowship, internship, and classroom opportunities geared towards people of color.
Open up new pipelines for talent.

Journalism and Race: ‘Everyone genuinely seems to care. Collectively, not much changes.’

[Commentary] The decade of the 1980s brought more diversity to the New York Times and most American media than at any point in the nation’s history.

How Mark Zuckerberg could really fix journalism

[Commentary] What independent journalism needs more than ever from Silicon Valley is a significant transfer of wealth. Publishers agree with this notion, although the loudest proponents are often those who would benefit the most from it.

What does Trump have in common with Hugo Chavez? A media strategy.

President Trump is an avowed admirer of Vladimir Putin, and his administration is under investigation for its ties to Russia.