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300 newsrooms sign on to monitor voting problems

On Election Nights past, ProPublica staffers were more likely to be found at home watching the results roll in on TV or online than in the newsroom. The nonprofit, public-interest journalism outfit isn’t in the business of tracking the vote.

Changing the media’s notions of failure and success

[Commentary] Donald Trump is a moral, intellectual and spiritual failure.

What Trump could (and couldn’t) do to restrict press freedom if elected

First, could President Trump “open up our libel laws”? No. States create nearly all libel laws, and they’re subject to First Amendment limits.

Donald Trump threatens press freedom worldwide

[Commentary] For the first time in history, the Iranian state broadcaster livestreamed the entire 90-minute US presidential debate. This was not meant to be a civics lesson.

The media’s Weimar moment

[Commentary] In June 1954 on national television, Joe Welch, the US Army’s chief counsel, exposed Senator Joseph McCarthy’s dubious morality with those two legendary questions: “Have you no decency, sir?

Trump’s many, many threats to sue the press since launching his campaign

[Commentary] Donald Trump's Outright Contempt for journalists and press freedom is well known—but in the past month he has outdone himself.

Five takeaways from the Online News Association 2016 conference

While the war between the presidential candidates and the press rages on, more than 1,000 journalists gathered recently at the 2016 Online News Association conference in Denver (CO) for a conversation on the future of journalism.

United Nations must take action to ensure free speech for all

[Commentary] The United Nations General Assembly gets underway this week in New York, and beginning Sept 20, 195 leaders from around the world will parade before the UN’s green marble rostrum and deliver speeches.

Donald Trump’s wish for hacking powers sets up disaster scenario Snowden feared

[Commentary] Donald Trump shocked a lot of people when he suggested (maybe sarcastically, maybe not?) that he hopes Russia is hacking the e-mails of Hillary Clinton so they can find the ones she deleted from her private server.

Watching the press at the DNC

Shifting from the Republican National Convention in Cleveland (OH) to the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia (PA), the press working to cover the Democrats inside the convention hall have to battle for less space, bigger crowds, and a