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More And More People Say Media Freedom In Their Country Is Declining

In anticipation of World Press Freedom Day, a new poll by Gallup found that people around the world think their media is becoming less free.

Libraries Working To Bridge The Cultural Divide

[Commentary] Too often children in the United States are not exposed to print or digital materials that reflect themselves or their culture. This can have harmful effects on a child, as such an absence impacts self-esteem.

The FCC's Flimsy Defense of Fake Net Neutrality

[Commentary] Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler wants you to calm down.

What You Say Online Can and Will Be Used Against You

[Commentary] It is no secret that Facebook, Google, Microsoft and others are targeting your personal data.

The Perfect and the Good on Network Neutrality

[Commentary] Network neutrality is in jeopardy -- just not in the way you might have heard.

In implementing network neutrality, some differentiation of traffic must be allowed on the Internet, even encouraged.

Hell No, We Won't Go: No Fake Net Neutrality for Racial Justice Advocates

[Commentary] According to the Wall Street Journal, instead of preventing discrimination with real Network Neutrality rules, Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler will propose a new set of rules in response to the January court dec

Russia's Bloggers To Face Stifling Restrictions Under New Law

Russia's parliament approved measures to tighten control over bloggers, drawing accusations that lawmakers are stifling a final bastion of free speech in the country.

The Effect of Social Media in Young Girls

[Commentary] Recent studies have shown that there has been an increase in depression among girls that is linked with both obesity and can be caused by social media.

Why the Future of Media and Journalism Really Is Bright

[Commentary] When attending two disparate conferences that shunned hype and hyperbole (and despair), and provided a decidedly forward-looking and practical perspective: America East, addressing media and technology strategies, and Journalism Inter

SCOTUSblog Denied Senate Press Credentials, May Sue

SCOTUSblog publisher Tom Goldstein wrote that the Senate Press Galley has denied its application for a press pass and will not renew a previously granted credential to Lyle Denniston, a veteran Supreme Court reporter who writes for the site.