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Fake News: A New Name For An Old Problem

[Commentary] It’s been just over a month since Donald Trump’s victory, and as the media is still in the midst of its post-election autopsy, a super villain has emerged: fake news.

In Light Of Fake News And Advocacy Journalism, We Must Be Savvy News Consumers

[Commentary] Who do we rely on to get our news? Unfortunately, most people are getting their news via social media.

Jeffrey Eisenach should be Purged from the FCC Transition Team as a Phone Company Lobbyist

[Commentary] Vice President-elect Mike Pence is supposedly cleaning house of lobbyists who are part of the Trump transition team. We would suggest that Jeffrey Eisenach fits the bill.

What to Expect from the New Trump FCC - A More Polluted Digital Swamp.

[Commentary] President-elect Donald Trump claims that he is going to ‘drain the swamp’ of ‘special interests’. It has not started out well. A recent New York Times article claims, “President-elect Donald J.

Americans Throw Their Support Behind The Free Press

President-elect Donald Trump loves to bash the media, but subscriptions to national publications have risen significantly since his election.

Merger Fatigue In A Time Of Media Oligopolies

[Commentary] In the coming weeks and months, we will hear from AT&T representatives that the merger with Time Warner will provide many public benefits.

The Media Has To Own Donald Trump Now

[Commentary] So now we have had two years of ‘balanced’ coverage of Donald Trump. He may very well move into the White House because of that ‘balance’. No one has been ‘alienated’, no viewers lost. Ratings have never been better.

Why AT&T Is Still Spying On Your Phone Calls Three Years After We Complained to the FCC. And Why That May Or May Not Change Tomorrow.

[Commentary] Back in 2013, the NY Times broke a story that AT&T routinely sold “de-identified” phone data to the CIA.

Presidential Campaigns Haven’t Agreed To ‘Acceptable’ Post-Election Press Access

On Nov 9, either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump should be the next president of the United States. But whether reporters are able to follow her or him throughout the day, as is done for the sitting president, remains unclear.

The FCC Must Act Now To Protect Our Privacy

[Commentary] Americans have made it clear that they want more control over their personal information.