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The Trump-FCC-AT&T-Et Al. Plan: The Insidious “Wheel of Mis-Fortune”

[Commentary] The Federal Communications Commission et al have created a series of interconnected proposed rules, regulations and actions.

The Corporate Takeover of the Trump-FCC Is in Full Attack Mode.

[Commentary] In every industry we hear horror stories of how the government agencies that are supposed to provide oversight of the companies and protect the public interest have been taken over by the industry.

The Origin And Evolution Of The Digital Divide

[Commentary] Things have improved in the last 20-plus years: We’ve gone from 15 million people on the internet when I joined the Clinton Administration to 3.5 billion on the internet today worldwide and, in the U.S., we’re 80 to 85 percent connect

President Trump’s War On The Truth Tellers

[Commentary] President Donald Trump and his White House don’t argue on the merits. They attack the institutions that come up with facts and arguments they don’t like. They even do it preemptively.

Will Obama Sue Trump For Libel?

[Commentary] With President Donald Trump’s early morning tweet several days ago accusing former President Barack Obama of unlawfully tapping his phone calls “during the very sacred election process,”and adding that “This is Nixon/Watergate.

FCC: I Do Believe We’re on the Eve of Destruction.

[Commentary] On Thursday, February 23rd, 2017, the Federal Communications Commission held its first official meeting with the new FCC Chairman, Ajit Pai.

Trump’s Former Labor Nominee Claims He Was Victim Of ‘Fake News Tsunami’

Andy Puzder didn’t work out as President Donald Trump’s labor secretary, but the fast-food executive would fit in well on the president’s communications team.

Confronting The Challenge Of A New Technological Era Is An American Tradition

[Commentary] The 2016 election has been described as a “change election.” It’s an apt description, but not for the reasons ascribed by political commentators.