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Verizon’s “deteriorated” phone lines cited in demand for investigation

Dozens of lawmakers, municipal officials, and consumer advocacy groups want a thorough investigation of New York's phone system, accusing Verizon of raising prices substantially while allowing landline service to deteriorate throughout the state.

Nielsen: 2014 digital music sales plummet compared to 2013’s first half

Nielsen Soundscan released its annual mid-year US music sales report, and it touted the biggest musical movers and shakers of 2014 to date.

Order restored to universe as Microsoft surrenders confiscated No-IP domains

Microsoft has surrendered the 23 domain names it confiscated from dynamic domain hosting service, a move that begins the process of restoring millions of connections that went dark as a result of the highly controversial legal action.

E-sports cannot fight segregation with segregation

A sub-reddit dedicated to the video game Hearthstone exploded with discussion.

Time Warner Cable customers beg regulators to block sale to Comcast

New York is shaping up as a major battleground for Comcast's proposed acquisition of Time Warner Cable.

While the $45.2 billion merger will be scrutinized by federal officials, it also needs approval at the state level.

Millions of dynamic DNS users suffer after Microsoft seizes No-IP domains

Millions of legitimate servers that rely on dynamic domain name services from suffered outages after Microsoft seized 22 domain names it said were being abused in malware-related crimes against Windows users.

Facebook’s emotional experiments on users aren’t all bad

[Commentary] Facebook scared some of its privacy-conscious users by revealing that it performed a scientific study on manipulating the emotional content of users' News Feeds.

Comcast raises your electric bill by turning router into a public hotspot

Since 2013, Comcast's wireless gateways have by default broadcast a second signal that turns each customer's modem and router into a public Wi-Fi hotspot.

We don’t need net neutrality; we need competition

[Commentary] The network neutrality debate is a muddy one at best, with different people using the term in different ways. Regulatory enforcement of the idea would at best prove inadequate to achieve what people want.

Courts may hear challenges to secret cell tracking devices after new ruling

Legal experts say that the landmark Supreme Court decision protecting cell phone privacy does not have any immediate implications for the use of cell tracking devices, known as stingrays.