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FCC’s latest gift to telcos could leave Americans with worse Internet access

The Federal Communications Commission will vote Nov 16 on a plan that, according to Chairman Ajit Pai, will strip away regulations that prevent telcos from upgrading their networks.

FCC tries to help cable companies avoid state consumer protection rules

The Federal Communications Commission is intervening in a court case in order to help Charter Communications avoid utility-style consumer protections related to its phone service in Minnesota.

Comcast asks the FCC to prohibit states from enforcing net neutrality

Comcast met with Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai's staff the week of Oct 30 in an attempt to prevent states from issuing network neutrality rules.

AT&T admits defeat in lawsuit it filed to stall Google Fiber

AT&T is reportedly abandoning its attempt to stop a Louisville (KY) ordinance that helped draw Google Fiber into the city.

Chairman Pai wants to impose a cap on broadband funding for poor families

Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai wants to impose a budget cap on the Lifeline program that helps poor people buy broadband and phone service.

A Trump FCC advisor’s proposal for bringing free Internet to poor people

One of the most immediate changes with the Chairman Ajit Pai Federal Communications Commission was that the FCC leadership now fully supports zero-rating, the practice in which Internet service providers exempt some websites and online services fr