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Banning Chinese network gear is a really bad idea, small ISPs tell FCC

The Federal Communications Commission's proposed ban on Huawei and ZTE gear in government-funded projects will hurt small Internet providers' efforts to deploy broadband, according to the Rural Wireless Association (RWA), a lobby group for rural I

Oregon finalizes net neutrality law despite likelihood that ISPs will sue

Gov Kate Brown (D-OR) will sign a network neutrality bill into law April 9, making Oregon the second state to pass a net neutrality law since the Federal Communications Commission voted to repeal nationwide rules. The new law was written narrowly

Zuckerberg says Facebook will impose new EU privacy rules “everywhere”

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that it will voluntarily implement the European Union's new privacy rules, known as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which take effect in May 2018.

Governor of Maryland agrees to stop blocking Facebook users who disagree with him

Gov Larry Hogan (R-MD) allegedly had a habit of blocking Facebook users and deleting comments when people criticized him, but a lawsuit has forced him to adopt a more open social media policy. Four Maryland residents sued the governor in a US Dist

Charter fails to prove that its employees purposely caused cable outages

Charter Communications has lost a lawsuit in which it accused a workers' union of sabotaging the Charter network during an ongoing strike. Charter sued IBEW Local Union No.

Trump administration wants to track 14 million US visitors’ social media history

Want to visit the United States in a non-immigrant capacity?

Comcast supports ban on paid prioritization—with an exception

Comcast would support a ban on paid prioritization as long as there is an exception for "specialized services" that benefit consumers, said Comcast senior executive VP David Cohen. Cohen's suggestion of a paid-prioritization ban with an exception