John Eggerton

DC Court Is Hearing Challenge to FCC UHF Discount Decision

The US Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit April 20 is hearing oral argument in the Free Press v. Federal Communications Commission challenge to the FCC's reinstatement of the UHF discount.

FCC Freezes C-Band

The Federal Communications Commission has signaled the next spectrum band it is seriously eyeing to free up for advanced telecommunications.

ACA on Double TV Station Reach Discount: It's Doubly Wrong

The American Cable Association, which represents small and midsized cable operators, has a response to broadcasters' proposals to double their audience reach: No way.

INCOMPAS to Hill: Paid Prioritization Must Be Off Limits

INCOMPAS, the internet and competitive networks association (formerly COMPTEL), wants the House Communications Subcommittee to know just where it stands on paid prioritization: firmly against it. INCOMPAS said paid prioritization, an umbrella term

Privacy on the Edge: Legislators' Questions

Here are just some of the issues as the capital and the nation focused on how better to protect online users' data in a world of almost universal collection and sharing. 

Sens Markey, Blumenthal Introduce Opt-In Edge Privacy Bill

Sens Ed Markey (D-MA) and Richard Blumenthal (D-CT), have introduced the Privacy Bill of Rights bill, the Customer Online Notification for Stopping Edge-provider Network Transgressions (CONSENT) Act, which would require edge providers to obtain op

House Commerce Committee Chairman Walden Says He's Not Inclined to Regulate Edge Providers

House Commerce Committee Chairman Greg Walden (R-OR) said he would tend not to regulate Facebook and other edge providers more, but rather would reduce the regulations on their Internet service provider and broadcast competitors. Regarding privacy

Former FTC Chair Takes Aim at State Broadband Bills

Former Obama-era Federal Trade Commission Chairman Jon Leibowitz argued against a state bill creating its own network neutrality rules and regulations and Internet service provider contract terms and online privacy protections in the wake of the F

NTIA Updates BroadbandUSA Website

The National Telecommunications & Information Administration, the White House's chief telecommunications policy advisor, has launched a revamped BroadbandUSA website and broadband map.

Second BDAC Member Quits Over Charges of Industry Influence

A second member has quit the Federal Communications Commission's Broadband Deployment Advisory Committee, also suggesting it has been carrying water for industry rather than drawing on a well of other sources to grow broadband deployment. Miguel G