John Eggerton

Comcast's Cohen Sees Way To 'Yes' on Paid Prioritization Compromise

Paid prioritization has become the third rail of net neutrality discussions, Comcast senior EVP David Cohen said, but it should not be.

Appeals of FCC Net Neutrality Order Move to DC Circuit

The US Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit will be hearing the appeals of the Federal Communications Commission's Restoring Internet Freedom order. That court has principal jurisdiction over FCC decisions.

FTC CTO: We Have Tech Smarts to Enforce Net Neutrality

Federal Trade Commission acting Chief Technology Officer Neil Chilson says that the FTC has the tech expertise to enforce network neutrality in the absence of Federal Communications Commission rules against blocking, throttling, and paid prioritiz

President Trump Extends National Cybersecurity Emergency

President Donald Trump has extended the cyber attack national emergency, which was declared by President Barack Obama in April 2015 but would have terminated April 1, 2018, while elsewhere on the broadband front, the White House was promoting effo

Net Neutrality Rollback Takes Next Step to Implementation

The Federal Communications Commission has taken the next step toward instituting its network neutrality rollback.

House Commerce Committee Ranking Members Register Concerns with FCC Republicans' CPAC Appearances

House Commerce Committee Ranking Member Frank Pallone (D-NJ) and Communications Subcommittee Ranking Member Mike Doyle (D-PA) wrote to the Federal Communications Commission's Republican members to register their serious concerns about those member

Chairman Pai to Senators: Little Recourse for Fake Net Neutrality Comments

In a letter to Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee Chairman Rob Portman (R-OH), Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai said that there is little the FCC can do to prevent public comments filed under false names

Key Communications Provisions Make it on Omnibus Bill

Legislation to reauthorize the Federal Communications Commission, boost mobile broadband, and provide additional funds, as needed, for broadcasters' moves to new spectrum in the post-incentive auction repack has been included in the must-pass omni

Lawmakers Hammer FCC's Carr Over 5G Deployment Order

On March 22, the Federal Communications Commission will vote on an order to streamline environmental and historic preservation reviews for 5G facilities deployment. Reps.