Hayley Tsukayama

The US government has withdrawn its request ordering Twitter to identify a Trump critic

The legal battle between Twitter and the US government ended April 7, after the Department of Homeland Security withdrew its demand that the tech company release information to identify an account holder whose tweets are critical of President Dona

How we could close tech’s gender gap in a decade

We all know that the technology industry has a gender problem. But how do you move the needle from awareness to action?

Here’s why your browser may tell you the White House website isn’t secure

Some visitors to the White House website have reported seeing messages that carry some scary warnings.

It takes more than social media to make a social movement

President Trump may have used the power of social media to make his way into the White House, but now social media networks are showing that muscle can work for his opposition, too.

Why you should stop obsessing about your kids’ screen time

The debate about screen time is getting more complicated. As we spend more time each day in front of a screen, concern is growing over the effect it could be having on our brains — particularly the brains of our children.

Microsoft targets vacationing Hill staffers with e-mail privacy ad campaign

Microsoft, getting a jump on the fall political season, took out full-page ads in the Outer Banks Sentinel, Martha's Vineyard Times and Rehoboth Beach's Cape Gazette to remind Washingtonians on vacation about e-mail privacy laws.

The smartphone “kill switch,” explained

A kill switch allows a smartphone user to remotely wipe the contents of their phones and make them unusable in case they get stolen.

So what could change about your phone if it gets a kill switch? Possibly not that much.

Some questions to ask yourself before you sign up for a new smartphone plan

Here are a few tips to choose the smartphone plan that's best for you.

Figure out your priorities: how much data do you really need?

What those creepy-sounding app permissions mean -- and when to be wary

Here's how to make sense of what to do when an app requests access to a particular part of your phone:

US Deputy CTO Nicole Wong is leaving the White House

US Deputy Chief Technology Officer Nicole Wong, who focused on privacy and big data issues, is leaving the White House a little more than a year after joining the Obama Administration.