Hayley Tsukayama

Amazon unveils the Fire Phone

Amazon.com stepped into the smartphone ring, unveiling the Fire Phone, a 4.7 inch device with 3D capabilities, a 13 megapixel camera and free photo storage.

Apple opens applications for $100 million program to improve tech in schools

Schools around the country should start watching their mailboxes.

Privacy experts say Facebook changes open up ‘unprecedented’ data collection

Facebook came under fire from privacy advocates who say that changes to its ad network mark an unprecedented expansion of its ability to collect users' personal data.

Google will take requests to scrub embarrassing search results. But it won’t help US users.

Google launched a Web form that allows European customers to ask for aspects of their digital histories to be expunged from the search engine -- but only in Europe.

YouTube sensation Lindsey Stirling on how the Internet can shape the music industry

A Q&A with violinist Lindsey Stirling. She talks about her career, her fans and how using YouTube gave her a way to break into a tough industry.

Google, Yahoo, Facebook and Microsoft say government has no right to suppress data request disclosures

Unsealed court documents show Google, Yahoo, Facebook, and Microsoft are arguing that government gag orders that stop them from disclosing the number of national security requests they receive violate the companies' First Amendment right to free s

How an AT&T-DirecTV deal might affect your monthly bill

[Commentary] What does the AT&T/DirecTV deal mean for consumers? Details are still rolling in, but here is what we know so far. First, be on the lookout for price increases.

After two years, app to assist mobile deaf users finally gets nod of approval from FCC

It's been over two years, but Miracom -- a Kansas firm that's developed an app to help the deaf and hard-of-hearing use mobile phones -- has finally gotten government approval to hit the market.

European court ruling on privacy could give boost to US privacy advocates

The highest court in the European Union ruled that search engines such as Google have a responsibility to allow individuals the right to scrub their online histories.

How George Washington University is shaping a piece of Google’s smartphone future

In the labs of George Washington University, students are laboring in labs covered in black-and-white dotted paper, puzzling out how to make a machine that understands images like the human brain.