Media Ownership

Who owns, controls, or influences media outlets.

DC Court Upholds FCC Rebuttable Presumption Decision for Cable Rate Regulations

In a big victory for cable operators large and small, a federal court has said the Federal Communications Commission was within its authority to make it easier for cable video services to shed basic rate regulations.

A Hidden Threat to Free Expression: DRM

Thanks in part to organizations like Free Press Action Fund, the movement to protect free expression online is strong — for proof look at the millions of people fighting to save Network Neutrality.

Other presidents boosted free press abroad; President Trump bashes it

President Donald Trump bashed the American press corps on July 6, singling out CNN and others as "fake news." That wasn't new, of course. What was different was where it occurred.

You should be outraged at Google’s anti-competitive behavior

[Commentary] After an extensive investigation, the European Union found that Google has, for many years, violated European antitrust law by rigging its general search results to favor its own comparison shopping service over rivals.

AT&T Rips CBS News for DirecTV Story

CBS News had it wrong when it reported that AT&T's DirecTV was cheating customers with "bait and switch" tactics and overcharges over the past two years, AT&T told a group of Democratic senators who raised questions about the story.

Facebook, Google to join net neutrality demonstration

Facebook and Google will be joining a mass online demonstration in support of the Federal Communications Commission’s network neutrality rules, apparently.

Local News Is The Front Line Of The Fake-News Fight

[Commentary] Anyone who doubts the value of local newspapers in the 21st century should consider this: They may be the only institution capable of stopping the spread of fake news online.

QVC to Merge With Home Shopping Network in $2.1 Billion Deal

John Malone is solidifying his hold on home-shopping channels — in his own particular way. His Liberty Interactive, which owns QVC, will combine with its longtime rival, the Home Shopping Network, in a $2.1 billion deal.

Even as they criticize Trump’s agenda, tech execs like Eric Schmidt and Elon Musk are backing Republican campaigns

Even some of the tech industry’s most prominent critics of President Donald Trump are opening their checkbooks and donating to Republican lawmakers, as Silicon Valley sets its sights on the 2018 midterm election.

State Department concocting “fake” intellectual property “Twitter feud”

The US State Department wants to team up with other government agencies and Hollywood in a bid to create a "fake Twitter feud" about the importance of intellectual property rights.