Media Ownership

Who owns, controls, or influences media outlets.

New conservative media boogeyman: Sinclair

Opposition is coalescing against the $3.9 billion Sinclair-Tribune merger. Among the critics are smaller conservative media outlets.

Concerns, political and commercial, over Sinclair’s dominance of local TV

Sinclair Broadcast Group, the nation’s largest television broadcaster, is set to expand its reach into nearly three-quarters of American households, a prospect that has elicited concerns both commercial and ideological.

These 42 Disney apps are allegedly spying on your kids

The Walt Disney Co secretly collects personal information on some of their youngest customers and shares that data illegally with advertisers without parental consent, according to a federal lawsuit filed late last week in California.

Sprint Resumes Preliminary Talks on T-Mobile Merger

Sprint’s resumed talks about a potential merger with T-Mobile, being held at the same time as discussions with cable companies, shows the lengths billionaire Masayoshi Son is taking to build scale for a wireless carrier facing increasing competiti

Diverse Groups, Including ACA, Combine to Oppose Sinclair-Tribune

A diverse group of associations, including the American Cable Association, as well as media consolidation opponents and conservative news outlets, are getting together to formally oppose the merger of Sinclair and Tribune, which would result in th

Is Fox Threatened By Sinclair's Reach?

Sinclair Broadcast Group may have federal regulators on its side about a possible mega TV-station-group merger. But its business partners -- and competitors -- may give it a harder time. Cue 21st Century Fox.

AT&T To Sunset 'Time Warner' Brand, Bests It In Consumer Credibility

AT&T, gearing up to take charge of Time Warner, reportedly plans to dump the media company’s corporate name. It’s not the first time a major brand has gone away as the result of a merger.

Digital News Fact Sheet

In the US, roughly nine-in-ten adults (93%) ever get news online (either via mobile or desktop), and the online space has become a host for the digital homes of both legacy news outlets and new, “born on the web” news outlets.

Public Broadcasting Fact Sheet

On the whole, the news offerings of US public broadcasters have been marked by relative financial stability and, in the past year, audience growth.

Hispanic and African American News Media Fact Sheet

Many black-oriented newspapers – some more than a century old – have seen a slow decline in circulation in recent years, mirroring the overall decline in newspaper circulation.