Multichannel News

American Television Allinace Renews Push for Retransmission Reform

The Federal Communications Commission under Democratic chairman Tom Wheeler declined to undertake retransmission consent reform, but the American Television Alliance appears to be looking for a new view from the new Administration.

Surprise: White House Resubmits Rosenworcel Nomination to FCC

The White House has apparently not given up on the re-nomination of FCC Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel, or at least is making the gesture. Rosenworcel's was among several nominations submitted by the President Barack Obama to the Senate Jan 4.

Ad Agencies Challenge FCC Broadband Privacy Rules

Advertising and marketing associations joined Internet service providers in calling on the Federal Communications Commission to back off its broadband privacy proposal.

The FCC’s New Playbook

[Commentary] While a change in policies at the Federal Communications Commission appears to be in the cards, how that gets carried out is a little more complicated.

OMB Approves Open Internet Enhanced Transparency Rules

According to the Office of Management and Budget, OMB has just approved the added paperwork collection obligations of the Federal Communications Commission's Open Internet order enhanced transparency requirements.

FCC's Broadband Health Project Readying Report

"Disconnectivity" -- and specifically its locations -- has emerged as a major hurdle as the "Connect2HealthFCC" project prepares to submit its report within coming weeks.

Emergency Alert System Revamp Pulled From FCC Agenda

Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler's Emergency Alert System (EAS) revamp has been pulled from the Dec 15 meeting agenda.

AT&T Fiber Expands Service Rollout

AT&T Fiber said it has introduced 1-Gig broadband service to parts of three more markets – Greenville (SC), Little Rock (AR), and Sacramento (CA). There, AT&T Fiber’s standalone 1-Gig service starts at $90 per month.

Over-the-Top Confusion With Comcast

Comcast has said time and time again that offering a Over-the-Top-TV service outside its own footprint doesn’t make economic sense, and that it is content, for now, to focus on bumping video sub numbers in-footprint with X1, its next-gen platform.

American Cable Association Pins Hopes on McMahon

The American Cable Association, whose membership comprises hundreds of small businesses, was pleased with President-elect Donald Trump's choice of Linda McMahon as administrator of the Small Business Administration, which Trump has made a cabinet