Los Angeles Times

LAUSD shifts gears on technology for students

Los Angeles school district officials have allowed a group of high schools to choose from among six different laptop computers for their students -- a marked contrast to the 2013 decision to give every pupil an iPad.

CEO Brian Roberts bulks up Comcast for the future

Brian Roberts, chairman and chief executive of Comcast, is looking to fortify his company for an increasingly competitive era.

Pay-TV's bundling gets reprieve in high court's Aereo ruling

In its ruling against the TV streaming company Aereo, the Supreme Court has removed one of the most visible threats to the pay-TV industry's notoriously expensive bundle.

LA's share of TV pilot production drops to a historic low

Los Angeles, once the king of TV pilots, is rapidly losing its domain to New York and other rivals.

Barnes & Noble to split bookstore, Nook units

Faced with dropping e-reader sales, Barnes & Noble is spinning off its Nook business as a separate public company in an effort to boost shareholder value.

Nielsen ratings scandal widens; Univision executive implicated

Nielsen has widened its investigation into a ratings scandal in Los Angeles and uncovered evidence that a Univision Communications radio executive allegedly has been manipulating the ratings.

Looking for World Cup highlights? Google makes it quick

The quickest way to keep up on the World Cup may be Google. People in the US searching for countries playing in the World Cup will see, at the top of the results, links to highlight videos from the country’s most recent match.

FCC's media-ownership rules debated at House hearing

The Federal Communications Commission was attacked by Republicans and Democrats during a congressional hearing on the regulatory agency's media-ownership rules.

Should consumers trust data brokers to protect their information?

[Commentary] Federal regulators say companies that buy and sell consumer data operate largely in the shadows and should be reined in with new privacy laws.

Musicians implore Hollywood to stop scoring films overseas

At a small community park in Santa Monica, a group of Los Angeles-area musicians wearing dark blue and orange T-shirts with the slogan "Listen Up!" gathered around a flatbed truck as union leaders, a minister and a local city councilman fired up t